Sometimes life gives you lemons, and it becomes hard to make ‘The Lemonade’, instead you start sowing the seeds to make a big fat orchard.

It was a year back when I was stumbling through the window of my passion and the door of my parents wishes, hard to breathe, I felt numb, weak, powerless, everything was slipping from my hands. It was the time when I was old enough to legally get married but not old enough to make my own life’s decision, Alas! I was just juvenile for them.

“Dad, I wanna help people, I find happiness in it.”, I said in a fragile voice afraid if he would listen.

While going through his papers, he appreciated what I told him. I continued after his nod, “I wanna be a psychologist.” , he raised his eyebrow withย  peeving look, “Honey stop dreaming, your desired dreams won’t be able to fill your stomach”, he dawned on me.

He continued,”You remember when you were 12, how desperately you wanted roller skates, and when you were 15, how you craved for a guitar, you desired stuff what means junk to you now, this is just another thing on your wishlist”.

“NO! IT IS NOT!”, I screamed with pain, “It is not daddy, I wanna help people, I feel good when I make someone smile and I really think being a psychologist would fulfill my purpose.” I was right, approximately 20 percent of teens experience depression before they reach adulthood, anxiety, bulimia, insomnia are general experience of a simple teen.

“Do not argue, you know I don’t like stubborn kids,”,he said “But”, I sighed, ” don’t worry about your future, I’ll take care of it, you go and study.”

I left the room, strangling my dreams…



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