It was a cold January night with a sky without stars, so dark and dingy like the shadows of advancing deaths. The roads were empty, parks without cheers and houses quite, quite like a falling leaf. Samara’s town looked so deserted past midnight, it was scary.

“Do you believe in ghosts?” Her brother asked, trying to frighten her. “No”, she said confidently. “Are you sure? You don’t seem to be”. She looked around herself, it was pitch-dark, she couldn’t even see his face. The fact was she was scared of being alone in dark. While their parents were gone out for a wedding, she came to sleep in her brother’s room.

“You better be asleep, you have work tomorrow.” She said in disgust. “So you are afraid of ghosts?”, he chuckled, she didn’t say a word. “Okay, okay, good night my sweet little sister“, he said and soon the room became silent again.

She turned on the left side of her bed contemplating if ghosts are real or not, or what happens to the people  who die, how much pain do they go through? Do they go to heaven or hell, is karma real?

As she was introspecting, she heard some sound, very noisy sound, that ghost conversation hit her so hard that she covered her head with quilt, panic-driven, soon she realized it was her brother and his snoring. Phew! She relaxed.

Brushing off, she tried to sleep again,

*one sheep*

*two sheep*

*three sheep*

As she was drifting to sleep something forbid her, suddenly it began to get so cold, she had this strange feeling, as if someone was watching her.

It’s just my imagination, this ghost thing just wore me out, she told herself. As she was closing her eyes, she heard the wobbling of the door, she stood up, her pulse ramped up. It was strange, there was no one in the house except Samara and her brother, they closed the windows and locked the doors before going to bed.

She mustered all her courage and looked around, all she could see was darkness. She reached towards the switch board, she pressed the switch, something was off, there was no power. They lived in a place where power was always up.

Samara was panting, she wanted to go back to bed, but she couldn’t move, she was paralyzed with fear. The door started shaking, the sound of rattling chains were all she could hear. She looked towards the door, her heart pounded too loudly and her breath got harsh as she heard the door creaked. Staring at the opened door, there was no one but wind blowing, yet her heart wouldn’t settle. She could feel eyes on her.

Tears of fear streamed down as she heard someone scream, it was a sound of a woman, sobbing and screaming hysterically as if the woman was bleeding with pain and agony. With every second, the sound was pitching higher, approaching her. Her voice was so distressing that Samara couldn’t move. Her brother was right, ghosts frightened her.

Soon after, she couldn’t listen her, she thanked God for saving her, thinking it was over, she began moving towards the bed when suddenly someone grabbed her.

“Stupid girl, it’s not over”, the woman’s laughter burst into her ears.

All Samara could do was scream.


  1. wow ! nicely put ! at one point i imagined it would be their parents returning , having thought that and reading on with the same peculiarity of the start the unexpected end gave a chill down my spine ! good work ..keep going, awaiting and looKing forward

    ~ love

    Liked by 1 person

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