When you are with someone, all you want is their propinquity. Their love vibrating your flesh and bones, all you crave for is their warmth.

Walking on the road, holding hands I looked up at the sky. Why are winters so romantic? 
“Beautiful aren’t they?”,
Sivan asked looking up at the stars.
I smiled.
“You know what’s more beautiful?”
chaffing my hand he looked at me, “You!”.

Looking me in the eye, his face looked like a thriving ivory in the moonlight. His hair falling on his forehead, his reddened cheeks due to cold and his darker deep eyes inviting me to kiss him.

Kiss me“, I demanded.
Umm..“, he hesitated.
Kiss me Sivan, I want you to kiss me“, my words startled him, I could sense it.
I could see it, his trepidation mixed with some want.
Samara we should leave, it’s getting late.” his voice a little quirky.
Why? Don’t you want to kiss me? Am I not kissable? Maybe we should kiss, I am ready for the next level.” I started blabbering.
I love you okay! But this is not the time.” he said in a stern voice.
I don’t know what was so worrisome but I knew that was the right time.
Nooo! I know what you are afraid off! You think it won’t be perfect. You fear what if you do something wrong and spoil our special moment? I know. You know how? Because I can see your bare soul even with my eyes closed. Nothing is perfect, not you not me, not even this world. We all have faults, imperfections. Instead of worrying about it we should dive in and flow with the wind.” I started to beside myself.

For an instance all I could hear was silence, nobody spoke in that moment. Maybe I said too much, urrggh why do I do that to him.


Look…“, as I pioneered my speech he pulled me against him shutting me up.
Putting his lips on mine, I couldn’t say a word. Feeling sudden vibrancy all I did was melt, melt as he brushed his lips on my mouth.
Sweet!“, he said as he gave me a peck.
Our bright happiness enlightened us inside out enveloping us with desire.
Staring at each other we forgot everything in that moment.
Kiss me again, my whole body demanding it.

He looked at my lips and leaned on me. That was when the magic happened again. At that moment I had no worries, I stopped stimulating. Diving in with him, exploring him. When he held me with love, I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him. He becomes my world for that moment, when our lips collide and something sparked, it felt good, it felt incredible.
Holding me tight by my waist, I knew he wouldn’t leave, he would have my back. When he ran his fingers through my hair, I knew it was a connection. When he teased me, moving his hand from my waist, upward and it felt good that I didn’t stop him. Hugging me, his breath embracing my neck it felt special, something out of the world.

It was that moment when my heart raced feeling like a roller coaster ride. When his soft lips glided on my face, it was so real, tugging all my heart strings, making me alive.
We were the two mingling souls of the lost land.

This was when I realized that all this time I was wrong. Somethings can be perfect and I experienced my perfect moment with him..<3


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