Life serves you with its best version when you are least aware of it.
Indeed, few days back I had no clue I would be witnessing a drastic turn in my life.
I didn’t know life could be this fabulous until I attended ‘Young India Challenge’

Young India Challenge, Venue:IIT-D (PC: Chaitanya Sonka)

Before this weekend, I was living my life, waking up for college and attending classes, working on my assignments, pretty much a mediocre life.
But now,

I experience life, I look through it and go deep.
I now have taken one step towards change.

When people were sleeping in their cozy beds whole day, going through the lazy afternoons watching stuff on internet, I went through an everlasting metamorphosis.

A tranformation which dragged me out of my comfortable cocoon and filled me with life.


The 8th Young India Challenge was something which introduced me to the ideals of ‘how to follow my passion’, to do what I love. It was 4th and 5th march that gave me friends, mentors and a family.

YIC Family
Team 7: Justice League

Human Circle that conducted YIC not only transformed my life, but affected me in every possible way.

Earlier I was a thinker, but now I have started my journey as a ‘Do-er’

Somehow it told me, age doesn’t determine success, hard work and zeal does.
It isn’t just the idea but the approach towards it.

It gave me a clear picture, let me cognise that no ‘Sharma or Gupta uncle’ could decide my future. And it’s my life and solely my decisions would reflect my destiny

Thanks for letting me be aware more of myself, thanks for teaching me things which I could never have learned in a classroom. Thanks for giving me an experience which not only has evolved my life but also others via me.

“Let me be rain,
pouring down insane,
Let me try my hand,
it won’t cause disdain.
these emotions never flee,
all it needs is passion,
the hunger and sensation.
So let’s be together to join the movement,
Do what you love,
for your contentment.”


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