This mother’s day, let’s tell the tales of fierce mothers, whose love blossomed and gave them courage to fight what was wrong.


Walking down the stairs, everybody could see her bump.
Even though she covered herself in every possible clothing, she could feel the stares.
Still, she walked, as if she committed a crime. As if she was a guilty one. But what was her mistake, that she was going to give birth to a beautiful child. An innocent angel.

With every step she took in the corridor, the whispers’ amplified.
Those harsh names landed on her ear, ‘whore’, ‘slut’, ‘stupid’, ‘impure’.
Some gave her those cheap offers, “Wanna have it with me?” “You are no good!”.

Listening all those, she couldn’t bear it. She ran, as far as she could, running down, locking herself in the washroom.
She cried and cried till her eyes got dried.
But she knew, it was all a struggle. And whatever she was bearing she couldn’t let her child bear the same. The baby was her blood, her own and she was her protector, from every harm of the world.

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