It’s Saturday night and I have a date.
Shh! It’s a secret. you must tell no one okay?
I am meeting her again at the beach,
It’s a house party where I invited her to meet.
Yes, Yes! I know, a long drive would have suited the best, maybe.
But you see, she is wild like an adventure,
definitely not pretty and sparkle.
Yes, she is the rainbow but she is also a siege.
It’s Saturday night and I guess I’ll tell her today.
Rainbow Six siege you’ll be my forever escape.

Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege

I open my eyes and I find myself on an island. I can see nothing but water all around. With sandy waves and sun rays hitting the moles of each pebble, I walk in my combat boots and L86 Assault Rifle by my side. The fellow soldiers are coming behind me as I give the lead to an entrance of a big beach house. There are tall palm trees and deflated tire tubes spread on the sand. I Look up at every nook and corner to sight for the defenders.

“All clear”, says CanyonHill

With a nod, I run towards the lower window and throw my drone inside the building. I look at the screen, broken glass and wine bottles are lying on the floor. The drone moves further to the kitchen sighting for the defuser. Taking an empty room as a signal, I move the drone on the upper floor. I see Yakon on the screen and his MP5 gun and there it goes, silence and blackout when the bullet finally tears the drone apart.

“The real game has just begun”, I say as we come in the real action phase. I, with my teammates, march towards the building and climb up the wall with the auto belay system. CanyonHills and HardSonnet get inside through the main entrance. I hear far gunshots noises as I hang on the wall. Yakon is dead and so does CanyonHills. It’s time for revenge. I climb up the wall and throw a grenade inside the window, and in less than 3 seconds it explodes giving me an advantage of disguising in the smoke. As I am about to enter I see a human figure shooting all over. With my L86 I shoot with a stop towards the shadow until the opponent dies. With blood spilt all over, my inside grins as I shoot another target and reload my gun. I sense the motion of the opponents again. I shoot them one after the other while shifting from one window to the other. I get inside the building again and pace towards the end of the hall, where I find CanyonHill dead.
“You played well, brother”, I blurted at the microphone.
Only I and one last defender is left to survive. As I move towards the stairs, I spot the defender and shoot him direct.


HeavyFeather: It was a well-played game, we shall meet again. Until the next time.
CanyonHill: Definitely
AntSeeker: Well played, HeavyFeather
HardSonnet: BADASS rocks!

I signed out of my gaming account and removed my headphones. It was 4 AM, early on a Sunday morning. I spent 6 hours alone on gaming, but deep down I was satisfied, because it was my choice. That is what I wanted, doing things what I liked on my weekends off, spending time with my love- my gaming and long sleep hours where there is no one to pull you out of the sheets.  Sadly my dream only lasted for a second when I looked at my phone screen, 12 miss calls and 20 messages,

“Pick up the phone, the boss called. He wants the presentation by tomorrow, 10 AM SHARP”

My inner happiness went down the gutter when I opened my office laptop and started making the lame presentation.



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