There were they,
two individuals,
poles apart,
yet building a great friendship on same saved foundation.

Disclaimer: This post is purely fictional but is inspired by true friendship of real people in real life.

Let’s celebrate great friendships

It was the third night of the horrendous week of what we called exams, but in reality they were the culminating stressors, sucking every ounce of blood from their weak bodies.
Walking through the corridor, there Sivan was, forming a strategy in his mind, planning how he would divide the hours left in the night to complete his units. By then he attempted physics and chemistry but the next day he had to face his worst nightmare: Mathematics. Sivan never liked numbers, even in college he tried his best to get through the math class, but always failed to understand the quadratic equations and Eigen values. He was in that thought process when he saw a guy from his class, holding his mathematics book along with him.
Where are you going?“, Sivan asked him. It was past midnight and the library was closed, then where was he going, Sivan thought.
Roy is telling the important topics for tomorrow’s exam“, the guy went downstairs in a hurry.
“Important Topics?”
“Where?”, Sivan shouted from the corridor,
“102”, the diminishing voice replied.

Sivan never really went to a group study and didn’t know if it was effective or was bullshit, but he didn’t have any other option. It was 1AM and he didn’t start studying, he needed to know the important topics to pass at least.

Embarrassed first, he peeked inside room number 102. Roy, a guy with most of his face covered with hair, with lean body and a smile which showed his perfectly flawless teeth, was sitting on his bed and a group of 3 boys surrounding him.
Taking logarithm of x and putting the value of z, we get 56.“, he was solving a quadratic equation problem.
Clearing his throat, Sivan asked if he could join them, Roy and others looked at him first and made space for him to sit.
At 3AM, the other 3 people in the room left, thanking Roy for helping them out. It was just Roy and Sivan left.
Worried, Sivan looked at his watch, the exam was 6 hours away and he still had not completed many topics.
What am I going to do?“, Sivan held his head with hands.
You have already covered the important topics, here take these“, Roy gave his notes to Sivan.
That time Sivan knew, he was not going to fail. He always knew about Roy and his love for numbers.
Thanks, if I hadn’t come I would have honestly failed. But thanks to you, at least now I can pass.
After 5 hours of rigorous night study session and little sleep, Sivan came out of the examination hall with a big smile on his face. He knew all the questions and with no fear went to Roy to thank him.
That day the kind gesture of Roy moved Sivan, but little did they both know, they were the missing pieces of each other’s jigsaw puzzle. Where Roy was good with numbers, Sivan was great with science. They both went hand in hand and achieved great heights.

In no time, Roy and Sivan became good friends. They both got along when they started their project together in sophomore year and further bonded during the time of their internship in a far fetched place in South India.
Sivan was the planner, plotting everything in place, developing ideas and researching up to great extents. Whereas Roy was the executor, bringing the idea into existence. They both were a team whose team work was known in the whole college.
It’s been 3 years, but they still haven’t forgotten that night, where a little courage and a little consideration led to a great friendship.


  1. Great story. I can relate to this. I love physics but am not strong in math and that is a bit of a contradiction, I am aware. It’s taken years to grasp many of the concepts because I have not taken the time to grasp the math. Great story.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great natural talent to engross the reader. I am still not sure if a blog is the right medium for long story pieces. But each time I see your post or for that matter your gravatar I am inspired to write on my own stories.

    Liked by 1 person

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