Human chemical reaction leading to the release of happy hormones, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and what not.

love love love

Standing at the xerox machine, I waited for my notes to be printed. I shouted from the line to fasten the process, unfortunately all my efforts were useless. I had been standing in line for an hour and the situation was so bad that if I had opened my mouth, I would have uttered profanities. Finally after waiting so long, he handed me the notes as I beamed my furrowed brows at him.

Excuse me“, a tall, lean guy tapped at my shoulder.
“Are these chemistry notes?“, he seemed to be clueless. He had big spiky hair and was wearing spectacles.
Yes, organic. You can get them here.“, being new in college was worst. I knew nobody and nobody knew me.
He was definitely a guy from my batch, but what was his name?’, I wondered.
Not giving much attention, I went upstairs to resume my study session.
Exams were a month later, and coming from a scholar family, I had a lot of pressure to bring laurels to my family.
I sat on my seat and opened my chemistry notes and began my studies.

Two months passed..
I was alone in college. All the friends I made by then went on a trip to eastern part of India. I wish I also had the liberty to talk my parents out and taste this freedom I got about a few months ago.
I was sitting near the fountain, with sun rays brisking my face.

Hey“, Sivan, that lean guy who I first met at the photocopy shop, came from the behind.
What are you doing here?“, he asked looking at my shiny face from the sunlight.
Sunbathing“, I giggled. I was not up much for a talk but I needed company.
We both sat in comfortable silence, As I looked at the water flowing underneath us over the tiles. The fountains were showering the water upward forming a rainbow, giving a beauty to the moment.

That was when I and Sivan became friends. Eventually, that time over the fountain during lunch became my usual. I loved talking to him, while taking the routine sunbath.
From lunches to after-dinner walks,
from meeting at photocopy shop to studying chemistry in library, he became something which I can never define.
It has been more than a year that we have been together.
Who knew chemistry could build up our chemistry.
I guess, it’s true. Love and care starts to grow when two people have the same foundation.


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