Rhythm Writing: What is it?

Have you ever gone to an Opera house and listened to the Opera singers, giving you the highs and lows of a note, with music backing up, making you feel like you are flying slowly upwards and downwards?
You get the feeling of getting dissolved in the air leaving pixie dust behind.
Or if not opera singers, have to ever listened to a violin playing soothing music, or a cello or a piano or any other music instrument?
Have you?
If you have, you could associate with the feeling I am talking about.
Music makes you feel happy and content. Even neuroscience claims that singing or humming reduces stress to a great extent.
As I addressed my state in my previous blog , I found a way to concentrate more on my writing and get rid of my hopeless irregularities. I could get more satisfactory thoughts by Rhythm writing, that’s right, that is what I call it.

So what is Rhythm Writing?
It is not a major thing, but it changed my perception of doing things, increased my pace and helped me in focusing more on my work.
All I did was, plug in my earphones, opened YouTube while I opened my blog and started writing the thoughts I was getting at that moment while the soothing instrumental played in my ears.
I know, for many it may sound absurd but it worked for me.
As the rhythm and the beats struck my ear drums, it gave me a sensation of euphoria but at the same time, a feeling of content.
A feeling that, everything is fine and I am doing okay.
The key is, to listen to sole music, no lyrics, just the instrumental.
‘Cause when you listen yo core music, you tend to introspect through all the things that means the most to you, you think about the person you love the most, the events that made you happy or sad or angry or changed your emotional state. This is why it is effective, ’cause it tugs at your heartstrings.
The reason why I was under performing (as I state it), I was bounding myself to certain things. I know discipline is good, but if you don’t feel free, what’s the use of it!
and the beats I am talking about, helped me to know what my boundaries were, I could introspect well.
You know, it’s okay sometimes to change your decisions, to ward them off, till they are for your betterment.
and this rhythm writing not only helped me with music, but my studies or any activity which I was indulging into.

Everyone has their own way of focusing on things, I discovered mine.
if you haven’t discovered yours yet, you can always try this one out.
and if you have, please share yours here.
Till then, stay safe, be happy.

11 thoughts on “Rhythm Writing: What is it?

  1. Hi, There is much research on the benefits of listening to music. One such benefit is that it relaxes us and sort of eases our stress level. Stress-less writing is always a blessing for me. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Priya! You are great doing. You are absolutely right about Rhythm Writing. I didn’t experienced it yet but I will definitely try it out. I appreciate your efforts on Rhythm Writing. Thank you for such a short and sweet post. And yes, thank you for reading my blogs also. Keep inspiring, keep motivating!
    ~Utsav Shah


  3. This is something that I tend do as well! 🙂

    Haven’t tried doing it with instrumental music but it does seem like a good alternative. Will try it out next time! By any chance, is there any particular ones that you can recommend? 🙂 Or any playlists out on YouTube that seems like a good option?

    Thanks in advance.


  4. I like listening to music when I write. When I can, I blast it on the speakers while I write on the couch. Sometimes, to achieve a certain tone in the writing, I listen to something that creates the mood in me I hope to spark in a reader. When I was writing something creepy, I’d listen to “The Walking Dead Theme Song” on a two hour loop. (Thanks YouTube!) Lately I’ve been writing to the Lord Huron album “Strange Trails”. It has singing, so it goes against the instrumental-only policy, but if you can write while someone is singing, it’s a lot of fun to write to.


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