Are We Reaching The Standstill?

I am a millennial with technology in my hand.
I wear cordless earphones,
can make a call with my watch.
I can see my mom and dad overseas,
while sitting in my dorm.
I can command a device to play music,
or change the channel,
using my vocal tract, producing a sound.
I see real robots which were once fiction,
and I don’t have to cook food,
’cause there is always an option of home delivery.

Logging off, when technology logs on.

Is technology helping me?
Providing me options and alternatives.
Or making me a lazy bum,
a couch potato, not moving even an inch.
AI and robotics, they sound cool.
But are they beneficial or provoking ourselves to be in our cocoon.

I have been pondering over this topic,
now and then.
I love technology, it’s helpful and is a remark of human’s creativity.
But does that mean, our creativity is leading us to towards stagnation and lethargy?
Think about it!

24 thoughts on “Are We Reaching The Standstill?

  1. It is. Plus it’s also raising double standard lifestyle just to gain virtual attraction


  2. I’m glad you are thinking deeply on this issue. Many millenials just want to be plugged in all the time.


  3. Wonderfully written and so
    true, everything is at your fingertips. You painted this picture well.
    However, don’t get lost taking things for granted.
    I’m so glad your back😊


  4. Well written, and I definately agree. The thing that always upsets me the most is when we go out to eat, which is not that often, and see three or four teenagers, eating their food and not talking with one another. Instead they are all on their phones. I want to cry when I see couples doing the same thing. My husband​, and I hold hands when we go out to eat and enjoy conversation.


  5. Definitely food for thought! In a lot of ways our current society is not too far from the future civilization in Wall-E. Bodies turning to fat mush because we don’t have to get out of our seats to do anything for ourselves and communication is all through tech.


  6. Are we allowing the technology to control us, or are we controlling it for us? We need to be in touch with our spiritual nature in order to use and not abuse it. Or like Stephen Hawking said: ‘AI could spell end of the human race’. I believe in Gods technology, this planet – nature, the human body, animals, its all perfect technology, designed by love, for love.


  7. I’ve already given it a lot of thought. I grew up without it and am saddened by some (yes only some) of it. I’ve been planning to write a post on the topic. Stay tuned my dear.


  8. It’s a path, and we’re walking on it. Sadly, all the AI and the tech can’t see far enough.


  9. I’ve wondered this as well! Especially as human contact becomes less frequent and technology replaces it. Relationships become more superficial and actual human connection is replaced by double taps and thumbs up.


  10. I find this a real challenge because the benefits also bring consequences. The minerals required to make out technology leaving their scars in the ground, vast deposits of coal burned to power our internet. The same technology also created the robotics used in hospitals, the paths to develop medicine. I hope we can find a path that leads to a brighter future without harming the planet for generations that will come after us. As one of the oldies, my legacy is a mass of C02, not something to boast about 🙂


  11. i’m sorry I haven’t checked in for so long. I’ve been too deeply inside my head. It’s been my loss, because the thoughts you bring to the world are often those I didn’t realise I’ve been thinking. I don’t want to deny my students the joys and help of technology, but I often look at them and wish that they could break themselves free from the digital long enough to reward life with their own spirits. I thought I was just an old man. Maybe there’s something more to it.

    I hope your studies are going well.


  12. I love how this is so brief and yet communicates your thoughts so well! Good writing! ❤


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