Magic in hands

The major achievement in life is discovering yourself

I started writing few years ago,
not because I wanted to pursue it,
but to let out the pain and ease myself amidst my haunting thoughts.
Do not show what you really are
Fake it!“, were the sentences people pasted on my face,
’cause apparently hiding the truth was the ‘new cool’
HIDE- ’cause you need friends,
Who is going to befriend me if I cry out my desires and thoughts?
I don’t want to be a crybaby, or a narcissist
I tagged my qualities with the worst words I could find,
so as to only HIDE.
The actions were to fit in,
to squeeze in the line where thousands stood waiting,
to get what others wanted.
Did I want it?”
‘It’ was the missing piece,
the one I thought was the one which others had,
but why was I not happy when ‘It’ landed my hands?
I was getting lost in the maze of my thoughts, when a door emerged between the walls,
so I ran towards it, opened and stepped out,
not thinking for a second,
if this is what ‘It’ is.
If I had,
I would not have surrounded myself with the plethora of magic in hand.

8 thoughts on “Magic in hands

  1. the title: The major achievement in life is discovering yourself
    Congratulations to you… and you “needs” people like that (HIDE!!!) anyway?? 🙂 llap!


  2. Beautifully written. Discovering and then accepting yourself for who you truly are is a difficult but wonderful journey. Difficult because as you said, many times the world doesn’t want us to let our true selves shine. Wonderful because only when we allow ourselves to really “be” ourselves can we finally be free.


  3. Writing is art. And you, Priya, are in the sciences. You have to find a sweet spot to converge the two. Remember convergence theory? Hehe. Look at art and science as two sides of a coin. They are one piece, two perspectives.


  4. True! Firstly, we need to discover wat we are n then show it to d world! It’s a pretty tough journey but d one who survives is rightly a master! Kudos Priya!


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