Beautiful People, The Real Magicians

They don’t know we’re not allowed to use magic at home. I’m going to have a lot of fun with Dudley this summer….

Sara closed the book and stretched her arms, yawning. It was 10 pm, time for bed. Miss Lena, the caretaker, would soon be coming to check on the girls. Almost every girl was asleep and only Sara’s bedside lamp illuminating light. Sara closed her eyes and imagined turning off the lights by the wand-extinguishing charm. Alas! Only if she could have a wand.
Tomorrow everything would change, just like it changed for Harry’, she twisted and turned inside her bed consuming the joy. The next day was Sara’s birthday when she would turn 11 and the lie would be over. The lie everybody tells her, her being an orphan.

Mr. Lobo thinks I have magic in me, that’s why he gave me this book. That’s why he introduced me to Harry potter’ she thought to herself.
Mr. Lobo was Miss Lena’s cousin, English professor in LSR. He often used to visit the orphanage as it was nearby the college. Too fond of Sara, he used to read to her, play with her.
Everything would change, I know, Mr. Lobo is Hagrid’, she turned off the lights with hope in her eyes.

In the south of the city, a guy with auburn blonde hair was lying down the lush greenery, surrounded by the rich history of India. Carver Gabrielle, a half-Sicilian-half American teenage boy whose life if seen from a distance, would look enormously great but the closer view only had thorns. Poor kid, his father died when he was merely 10, then his mother got a boyfriend who molested him.Once he tried to raise his voice against his sufferings but his mother was blindly in love.
Your father would never be proud of you”, were the last words he could hear before she kicked him out.
You shall become the person you are’, he always used to quote Nietzsche when he used to lose all hope, to overcome the obstacles and to look forward towards improving himself. That’s why he came to Delhi, to explore life and his identity.

Noor in town, hosting a TEDx Talk in LSR’ Carver lifted his head to see the notification.
Really! Noor. I have to go meet them”. Thoughts of E.J. flourished his mind. When he was in New York, suffering, it was E.J. who lifted him up. E.J, his counselor, his inspiration was a transgender running Noor, a non-profit organisation based in India which worked for the upliftment of transgenders. Carver remembered how Noor helped him find the gateway for his sexuality and gender orientation. It gave him a clear vision of how the world should be, with people making their own choices & living peacefully. One of the reasons why Carver came to India, in the hope of meeting the person who gave him hope.
Hurry, hurry’, with haste he pulled himself up towards the exit.

D Day:

Life is so strange, it’s amazing how things fall into places as time goes by, as if the universe had predefined their destiny. No matter what you try, things would be just the way they have to be.
Let’s give a round of applause to the Vision of Noor, E.J.’, and there they were, full of confidence and charisma.
E.J.’, Carver looked them with awe.
The session continued and ended with E.J. saying
You are not trying to be a new person, but becoming the person you are meant to be”, with that the room filled with applause.
Carver was making his way towards E.J., and there they were talking to a bunch of students. He didn’t know what to say, his heart was pounding real hard, and then in a split second E.J. looked at him and their eyes met, as if time got still and his heart skipped a beat.
Carvy”, E.J. came towards him “how come…?” they were stunned seeing Carver.
Thought of getting some inspiration”, Carver smiled towards E.J.,
Come here you”, E.J. hugged Carver.

They were walking by the corridor, laughing and telling tales, like two friends meeting after ages, holding hands, when they heard something terrible.

Help!”, loud wails of a meek voice landed on their ears. They looked at each other confused and ran towards the direction of that sound.
Help, somebody please help”, the amplitude intensified as they came closer to the sound of the sobs.

They ran straight and took a left from the corridor and found a petite girl, tied up with ropes and in tattered clothes. Her face was bruised as if someone hit her hard and her lip was bleeding. They ran towards her, “Don’t worry, we are here to help.” E.J. untied her.
“Mr. Lobo is not Hagrid, Hagrid would never kill me”, she started crying again. “Are you my Hagrid?” she looked at E.J. with twinkling yet haunted eyes.
She must be in trauma, I think we should take her to the dispensary” E.J. said to Carver as they untied the girl.
*1 hour later, in the college dispensary*
It’s okay honey. You are fine” E.J. said to the girl.
What’s your name? Where do you live?”, Carvy asked deliberately.
I am Sara, I live in the orphanage nearby
Sara who is Mr. Lobo?”, E.J. offered her some chocolate.
Mr. Lobo works here. He said my parents wants to surprise me on my birthday. You see they are wizards and cannot come as often. But Mr. Lobo requested them to meet me.” Sara started crying again. “When we came here, he started removing my clothes and touched me” and the cries went loud.
Shhh! It’s okay honey. Mr. Lobo is the bad guy, you-know-who
Yes, you are in safe hands now. Want to see some magic?

Sara’s eyes lit up again when E.J. pulled out the Deluminator, and resorted back the light of her soul.


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