aachooo!”, he sneezed like a giant.

You are cold, here; I’ll go get you something to wear”, I handed him a towel and went to the bedroom. It was raining cats and dogs, I and Sivan were all soaked up into dirty water and covered with mud.

I came out of the bedroom, seeing him shirtless, his hair slicked back and water droplets rolling down his broad chest and taut abs, his golden skin was sparking from the light coming from outside.

I went beside him, “here, you can wear this” I handed him my brother’s black T-shirt and lower.
Thanks” he said, his voice so toned I didnt realise it had been a long time since we met. When I last saw him, he was a tall, lean guy with round-rimmed spectacles. And here we are again, face to face, yet something was different.

I’ll go change myself, give me 10 mins”, I washed, rinsed and put new warm clothes. When I came back I found him in the kitchen, making coffee. He still remembers, reminiscing the past, I was glad we met, maybe the Big Guy didnt want it to end, maybe this was a new beginning. I went to the kitchen, the coffee aroma enveloped me.

You are back, I thought of making some coffee, black; no milk, just the way you like“, he smiled and turned towards the gas stove.

You remember everything?”, I asked dumbfoundingly.
“I had the best time of my life, how can I forget. You remember how we used to bunk tuitions and go to malls, watch movies, play archades and the school times, how we used to make fun of people, seeing outside the window, hahaha that was insane, and did you remember the time when we once went to the park, you were looking so beutiful that day”, he kept going on until he realised I was looking him in awe. I wondered if he remembered just the good times, or the bad times are also haunting him.

He turned around, handling me the cup of coffee, he smiled vaguely.

Yes they were the great times, I wish I could go back in time”, I said. I really did say that, OH My God! Am I insane, what would he think of me, I don’t want our wrecked ship to sink, this is what was going on in my mind, it was fate, that we met today, it was fate that it rained but it was not fate, that I asked him to come over.

It was a choice I had to make, to win him back, after what happened.

He paced towards me, “Or we can bring that time back”, he wispered in my ear giving me a chill through the spine.
I looked him into the eyes, his charcoaled eyes, summoning me, like a black hole, sucking my soul into him.
Nobody said anything for a moment, the tension in the air built up when he came closer to my face, “I missed you” he said, staring at my soul, I soothly closed my eyes.
He cupped my face with both his hands, we were so close that I could feel his heartbeat, his heavy breath, he smelled like petrichor, I put my arms around him when he leaned down on me, his lips brushing mine, a tension created few minutes ago was released from our bodies when our bond reconstructed.

He was happy and smiling through the kisses we had, I couldn’t be more happy.

Later our sweet kisses turned into intense make-out sesh. With every kiss, I wanted him more, I was craving for him.

He slowly kissed my neck, using his sweet lips, making me lascivious.
we were still in the kitchen with, with coffee on the lap, who cares about coffee, I grinned,
He pulled me against his brawny chest, holding my waist, like I am his and he is mine.

“I missed you too”, I tear rolled down my cheek, then another fell from my eye, “It’s okay, forget everything that happened, it wasn’t your mistake, neither it was mine, it just happened”, he kissed on my forehead assuring me that everything was alright.

I want us to be the way we used to be”, I said, looking down on the floor

Smiling, he lifted me in his arms, kissing me fiercely on my lips.

The night, the two old lovers met occurred again and again, till the time they travelled from past to present.

Forgetting and forgiving!


  1. This is so sweetšŸ¤§ I can actually see it. Maybe because of how relatable it is for me lol. Thanks!


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