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I Think We Should Not Talk Anymore: The Sparkle

I think we should not talk anymore is a trail of events where a guy and a girl are afraid of love, but the emotions are so strong that they can't help but talking a leap of faith.

Belong to people; you'll be a disgrace.Belong to the world; you'll perpetrate.Belong to the things; you'll never have wings.But belong to yourself, and you'll achieve…

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Hey there Sadness!

Life is unfair, please live with it. If you think that whatever is happening to you is fair, then you are a big nincompoop to think that. You life is yours, you are the captain with a steering in your hand. Stop fooling around and get hold of yourself. Pick up the pieces of those shattered memories. I know, you feel the burden, but don’t drop them. They are a part of your life, your sweet precious life.