Recently I went to a wedding,
an Indian wedding.
The groom came on a white mare with a Baraat.
He was dressed in a dazzling Achkan; 
and wore a Pagdi, having a brooch in the middle.
The bride was dressed in red,
with shimmers and stars attached to the length.
Their families wore glitters;
the celebrations were huge.
Weddings are special, they bond families together.
They shower love, let us trust and spread utmost happiness.

Let’s celebrate happiness with others

So, the bride and the groom entered the open lawn during the Kanya Aagaman;
tears rolled down the cheeks of bride’s mother;
as she saw the bride and the groom coming with held hands

They stood on the stage for Jai mala;
and exchanged the flower garlands as they looked into each other.
The bride was nervous;
but smiled throughout as the invitees met them on stage.
The photographer clicked and videographer shot their memories.
The dinner was served with hundreds of dishes,
guests were all smiling and laughing.
The clock struck dawn,
Then only remained close friends and family.

It was past dawn, when the time came.
Under the stars, sacred fire was lit,
in the presence of AgniDeva,
Saath Phere were taken, the seven circumambulations.
The specific vows were recited with each circuit.
The depth of the phere were eternal foundation of the relationship,
The bride and groom circled around the fire,
where the bride led the first four sacred rounds,
they prayed for nourishment and pure food as they took the first round .
they prayed for health and prosperity in their second round,
third, they prayed to walk together for wealth,
fourth, was for love and respect,
fifth, they prayed for noble children,
sixth, they prayed for peace
seventh, they prayed for companionship, trust and loyalty.

The groom put Sindoor,
colouring the bride’s forehead vermilion red,
calling her his,
accepting and respecting her being.
and finally tied Mangalsutra in her neck,
the symbol of marriage.

and that’s how wedding happened,
when Pandit ji said, “Vivah Sampan hua
That was the time,
when they became Man and Wife.


  1. Hi Britni, thank you for stopping by. The holy rituals of an Indian wedding includes 7 vows the bride and the groom needs to fullfill. They are in Sanskrit. I ain’t no expert, but I tried putting the ceremonies in simple words. I hope you liked it.

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