Hodor: My Lil Man!

Changes drastically when you get yourself a companion.
A being in love or sadness;
anger or happiness.
True it was, when I met him for the first time,
hiding under the car seat, afraid; as his new life awaited!

Hodor ❤

“Take good care of him”, he said, as I took him in my arms. His hair brushed my face, as I carried him on my shoulder. Indeed, he was my little man! I took him inside the house, as he looked at me; his eyes sparkling from the tubelight.

I poured some milk in a bowl, as he sat by the door, looking here and there. I imagined what he must be going through, alone with a stranger in a strange house.

I held him in my arms, and fed him the milk.
As he drank with his tongue flicking the milk inside his mouth from the bowl,
I knew: he was holding the door open for happiness to come my way.

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